3 Bouldering Routes

by on Apr.08, 2009, under Bouldering, Dyno, Fitness, Rock Climbing

So here I am, bouldering it up at the Gainesville Rock Gym.

The first route is a cool one; pretty self-explanatory. That end move on the second one is pretty rough. I finally got it the next time I tried it after this video; it was just one of those things you’ve got fail to do 19 times and then do easily on the 20th try.

The roof route is one of my favorites–anything that starts off with a backwards dyno is gonna be sweet. I was trying to see how fast I could go and ended up choking on the last move. Sigh.

Anyway, they’re putting up new routes, so I should have some more cool stuff up soon.

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Working Out in the Ravine

by on Mar.28, 2009, under Fitness, Rock Lifting, Rock Throwing, Rope Swing

So a couple of years ago we found this perfect spot for a rope swing, and we just started going back recently.

There’s also a much bigger swing from up in a tree, but we didn’t really get great footage of that, so that’s coming later.

All those chunks of cement are from a walking bridge that used to be there that was demolished. Now they’re perfect for lifting and tossing rocks, and believe me, standing on silt in a stream can make that very interesting.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I should have more soon.

(Oh, that song was written by my friend Parker Hastings and performed by his band Barnacles. If you like it, let him know on Twitter: @parkerhastings)

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Some Old Tree Climbing Clips

by on Mar.21, 2009, under Fitness, Tree Climbing

These are a few clips of me and my friend Gerald climbing an awesome tree in Jacksonville.

It’s apparently called a Sprawling Oak—I look for them all over, but apparently they’re not too common around here, at least not this size.  In high school we used to climb there pretty frequently, now we make a trip whenever we can.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it.  I’ll try to get back there soon, and I’ll be sure to post a new video—we’ll see how much I’ve improved.

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Bouldering, a Dyno, a Couple One Arm Pull Ups…

by on Mar.15, 2009, under Dyno, Fitness, Rock Climbing

As promised to the Twitterverse, here’s a few clips of some stuff I did at the rock gym today:

I love this rock gym because the routes are very unusual–across the gym there’s a whole tunnel/cave setup with some amazing stuff; I’ll have to do my next set of videos in there.  These two routes are both on the top-out boulder, which means you have to end up standing on top of that thing.  Makes the ending interesting.

The stuff at the end is after a lot of climbing, so the form isn’t great.  The left arm pull up is pretty good, the right arm one is kind of weak.  The angle is bad, but after that comes a halfway decent front lever.  And the camera ran out of room in the middle of the ensuing pull ups.

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Cheeseburger Nigiri

by on Feb.10, 2009, under Cheeseburger, Food, Innovation, Random, Raw Food, Sushi

This is either gonna get you really excited or make you want to puke.  The same can probably be said of most of what comes out of my kitchen.

one of the many incarnations of the cheeseburger


It’s pretty much what it looks like–balls of sushi rice with raw ground beef, avocado, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, and yellow mustard.  It would probably have looked more attractive/tasted a little better if the beef hadn’t been pre-frozen, but I kind of made it on the fly.  Next time I’ll adjust accordingly.

Oh, and this obviously contains raw beef.  Consume at your own risk.  Don’t eat this, die, and then sue me, because that would really put a damper on my creative enterprises.

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.  More soon.

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